Hello, Ghana. Transfy Is Here!


Transfy, a pan-African fintech solution has expanded to Ghana. This is a move to make cross-border payment and money remittances easier for Ghanaians and Africans in general.  

Ghanaians can now send and receive money from Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, and Nigeria for free. 

The company already has a solid presence in over five African countries, including Nigeria, Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and Rwanda. Now, we have made a giant move by adding Ghana to the list. 

And just recently, Transfy was mentioned in Eric Osaikwan’s article as one of the Fintech Unicorns in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is due to the ease and convenience that Transfy has provided for its users when it comes to hassle-free payments and money transfers across Africa.

What Problem Does Transfy Solve?

Transfy was launched in April 2021 by Emmanuel and Vincent to provide solutions to underlying problems surrounding cross-border payments and money remittance in Africa. 



Cross-border payments constitute one of the major boosts of the GDP in Africa with over $5 billion in profit, yearly. This is due to the exorbitant charges by local banks and international money transfer organizations. Most of these organizations charge from 5%, and even up to 9% for each cross-border transfer. In addition, it takes a long time, or even days for the payments to be processed. 



Transfy aims to solve this pain point for businesses and SMEs in Ghana that has customers across different countries. The platform will make it easy for them to receive payments, reach more customers and grow their businesses.  On the other hand, individuals can now use Transfy to send and receive money from friends and family in any of our supported currencies without hassles. 



Transfy is ramped up with features and benefits that cut through the noise as one of the fastest-growing fintech solutions in Africa. Read on to find out.


What Are The Features And Benefits Of Transfy?

Below are some of the features that you get to enjoy when you use Transfy.



Wider Coverage

Individuals and Businesses can now instantly make transfers and receive money from friends, family, business partners, clients, and suppliers in NGN, KES, ZAR, RWF, UGX, ZMW, and BWP. 



Multi-Currency Wallet

We offer a multi-currency wallet that allows you to hold and instantly exchange between the currencies we offer which includes Ugandan Shilling, Nigerian Naira, Botswana Pula, Kenyan Shilling, South African Rand, Zambian Kwacha, Rwandan Franc without hassles.



Instant Transactions

Send or receive money in any currency of your choice across Africa and get the value in your mobile wallets or bank accounts, instantly.  

Bulk Payment

Transfy offers a secure and seamless bulk payment feature that helps you remit salaries/wages to your employees in any location. We offer hassle-free money remittance at industry-best rates. 

Transfy API

We allow Fintechs to expand their financial footprints with our robust APIs. Transfy APIs allow Fintechs and MTOs to integrate payment gateways to mobile wallets and bank accounts across Africa. We have access to over 30% of Mobile Wallets and Bank accounts in Africa.

How Safe Is Transfy?

At Transfy, we checked all the boxes to make your transactions safe and highly secure. 



Transfy provides a payment platform that is backed with high-end security and bank-level encryption to safeguard your finances and data. Our Multi-currency wallet is highly secured with multi-factor authentication to clamp down on theft, impersonation, or fraud. 

Our legal and software development team is always hard at work to improve security features and updates that are up to standard and can stand the test of time.  

Ready to get started? We have made it easy for users to sign up in 3 simple steps. 


How To Use Transfy

  1. Visit www. transfy.io to sign up and register on our platform.
  2. Upload the required KYC documents to get verified.
  3. Enjoy 24/7 access to hassle-free cross-border payments and money transfers.

Now you can instantly send and receive money from Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, and Botswana at industry best rates.