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Transfy for Business
We are on a mission to transform the payment ecosystem in Africa, one business at a time

Transfy for business is a frictionless platform that enables African companies to move money across Africa. We offer scalable business solutions to help you grow your business with seamless cross-border transfers and money remittances.

Why Transfy For Business ?
Transfy for business is a frictionless platform, which businesses can use to move money across Africa and out of Africa. Our over the counter FX platform is tailor-made for African businesses to pay invoices across the globe, pay remote employees and also do inter-company transfers at cost-effective rates, which beats the traditional banking industry. We are on a mission to enable African businesses to take part in the global business environment. We offer bank beating rates, and besides, we make settlements on a near-instant basis.
Swift Transaction
We offer a near-instant transaction speed for settlements, so you and your partners can focus more on growing the business. Enjoy convenient cross-border transfers on Transfy. No paperwork. No bank protocol.
Competitive Rates
We beat the old-school banks not just in transaction speed, but also in our exchange rates. We constantly monitor our competition to give you the best rates so you can save more on international transactions.
Multicurrency Wallet
Our over-the-counter FX platform is tailor-made to help businesses make payments in multiple African currencies. Businesses can hold, exchange, and transact in multiple currencies at competitive rates.
No Limits on Transactions
We do not impose any limits on the amount you can send, so long as your business meets the standard verification processes. Our platform allows you to move bulk business payments without sweats
Dedicated Customer Support
Whether you need assistance or just want your questions answered, our dedicated support team is always there to help every step of the way. This is to ensure you don’t suffer a glitch while using Transfy.
Enterprise Solutions For All Your Business Needs
What’s a business without money transfers? Whether you need to pay employees or accept payments from partners, Transfy has the perfect solution for you. Enjoy seamless payments and grow your business with Transfy’s enterprise solutions.
Pay Remote Employees
The future of work is remote. And Transfy is the future of Pan-African cross-border payments. Use Transfy to pay your rem0te employees in their favorite African currencies, conveniently and cost-effectively
Manage Payroll for Your Employees
Streamline your payroll management and save time and money with our bulk payment feature. Our platform allows you to manage payroll and pay your employees in multiple currencies across Africa
Accept Payments From Cross-border Clients and Customers
Use Transfy to accept payments from customers and across in any of our supported currencies. Our platform is ideal for freelancers, SMEs and enterprises who need to accept cross-border payments without worries.
Pay Cross-border Subsidiaries and Suppliers
Need to pay your business partners, suppliers, contractors or subsidiaries in other parts of Africa? No worries! Transfy has the best solution for you. Use Transfy for seamless business transfers across Africa at competitive costs.