A Better Way to Send Money Across Africa

Think about connecting Africa through seamless and reliable payments? Think Transfy!
Transfy is the Pan-African payment platform of the future. Our solution provides a fast, safe and convenient means for individuals and businesses to send and receive money across Africa and in their favourite currencies.
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Start Sending Money In 3 Simple Steps
Create Account
Securely and freely create an account with us in minutes.
Fund Your Wallet
Fund your account securely through bank transfer or using a mobile money transfer.
Input The Receiver Details
Provide the details of the recipient. Select the payment channel - mobile wallet or local bank account. Click on SEND and wait for us to do our magic
Why Transfy ?
Transfy is a Fintech startup on a mission to connect individuals and businesses across Africa financially. This is by building a financial infrastructure which enables them to seamlessly and securely send money within Africa and out of Africa at rates that are highly competitive. The cost of sending money across Africa is very high, and Transfy comes in to make the process seamless, cost-effective, fast and efficient. With its presence in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Cameroon, Botswana and Rwanda, Transfy is one of the fastest-growing Fintech startups that is revolutionising the way individuals and businesses move money across borders.
Wider Coverage
Seamlessly send and receive borderless payments across major countries in Africa. Our payment platform connects you with 7 African countries and currencies at the click of a button.
Multicurrency Wallet
Transfy offers unlimited access to multiple African currencies for easy cross-border transactions. You can save, hold and exchange your monies in CFA, GHC, UGX, NGN, KES, and ZAR. No need to handle multiple bank accounts.
Competitive Pricing
We offer competitive pricing to help you save money on cross-border transactions. So say no to cut-throat charges and high exchange rates when you use Transfy.
Secure And Trusted
Thanks to our bank-level encryption, you can send and receive money on Transfy without fear. The multi-factor authentication to enjoy an extra level of security and control of your funds and data.
Intuitive Interface
Whether you want to make transfers or exchange from one currency to the other, Transfy's user-friendly interface gives you a smooth payment experience. You can easily navigate through our mobile and web apps without hassles.
Instant Transactions
Ditch bank protocols, lengthy paperwork, and delayed transactions with our fast and reliable cross-border payments. Enjoy swift money transfers and bill payments with Transfy.
Dedicated Support Team
Have questions or need assistance? Our dedicated supported team is ready to ease your worries and give you a hassle-free experience.
Anti-Fraud Team
Our dedicated team of cybersecurity experts and seasoned developers is continually working to keep your funds and details tightly secure and safe.
24/7 Access
Whether you want to transfer money online or send money to your family and friends, Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to keep you covered.
Key Features With Transfy
Multi-Currency Wallet
We offer a multi-currency wallet that allows you to hold and instantly switch between the currencies, which we offer including NGN, KES, ZAR, RWF, UGX, ZMW and BWP
International Mobile Recharge
Safely recharge mobile phone airtime 24/7 in 10 african countries. The airtime is instantly credited to the recipient.
Send Money In Minutes
Our platform allows you to instantly and securely send money to your loved ones’ mobile wallets, or bank accounts.
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Transfy For Individuals
Send or receive UGX from friends and family in Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroun, and Rwanda. Instantly and securely send money to mobile money wallets and local bank accounts in our supported currencies.
Transfy For Businesses
Whether you want to send money to your suppliers and business partners or you want to pay your workers anywhere in the world. Transfy offers secure and seamless money remittance at industry-best rates.
Transfy API
Use Transfy API to Expand your digital footprint across Africa with our access to over 30% of Mobile Wallets and Bank accounts in Africa. Fintechs and MTOs can integrate payout options to mobile wallets and bank accounts with Transfer API. Developers can also use our APIs to automate payment options on software and digital products with a single line of code.
Available In 12 Countries, With More Coming Soon
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