The African continent is blessed with a rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, active wildlife, and hospitable people. Little wonder it's become one of the most popular holiday destinations and budget-friendly travels. 



Ideally, what makes up most of your travel expenses are flight, accommodation, and sightseeing. And international flights to and from African countries are relatively expensive, especially when flying from other continents. 

However, there are some very affordable African countries that you can visit on your next vacation without blowing up your savings. These countries offer budget-friendly accommodation, feeding, and tourist attractions that you can explore. From the stunning beaches of Mauritius to the historic pyramids of Giza, down to the beautiful lake Malawi with abundant wildlife, there’s a place for everyone - and every budget. 

So, whether you love traveling solo or planning a honeymoon/adventurous holiday with friends, here is a list of the cheapest African countries that won’t break your bank account.

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16 Fun Facts To Know About Africa

The African continent covers over 20% of the world’s land mass and is bounded by three oceans. Here are 16 fun facts to know about the African continent. 



  1. Africa is a vast continent with 54 countries and more than 40 officially recognized currencies. 
  2. The continent is the second largest continent in the world (size and population). And also the most centrally located continent in the world.
  3. Africa has over 2000 indigenous languages, and Arabic is Africa's most widely spoken language.
  4.  Islam is the most popular religion in Africa. 
  5. The African elephants are the world's biggest land animals. 
  6. Most buildings in Tunisia are embedded with fish bones.
  7. There are more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt.
  8. Lake Malawi has the largest number of fish species
  9. The Sahara Desert is bigger than the USA.
  10. Morocco in Africa and Spain in Europe are separated by less than 9 miles. 
  11. Africa is the world’s biggest source of gold. 
  12. 95% of the world’s diamonds come from Africa, while Botswana has the biggest diamond production.
  13. Africa is bounded by the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean.
  14. Lagos is the busiest city in Africa.
  15. Africa contributes to 70% of the world’s cocoa production, and about 30% comes from Ivory Coast. 
  16. Africa is home to the River Nile - the world’s longest river. 

There’s more to Africa than safari-filled national parks, skittering insects, and cave-living communities. The world’s second-largest continent is home to some of the most interesting cultures, historical sites, and natural wonders. Here are 6 African countries to add to your bucket list for budget-friendly travels. 


6 Cheapest Countries To Visit In Africa

These sub-Saharan countries offer not just affordable accommodation but also a lot of activities for budget travelers. They include:

  • Mauritius
  • Morocco
  • Malawi
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • Kenya


1. Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful Island country in Africa with less than 1.5 million people and an abundance of breathtaking sceneries, making it a perfect destination for romantic getaways. 

Whether it’s your honeymoon, wedding anniversary, girls’/boys’ trip, or family vacay, Mauritius has a lot of stunning natural sides you can explore. From the beautiful white-sand beaches to the Grand Bassin Temple or the Black River Gorges National Park, there are just too many tourist attractions to enjoy. And, of course, at pocket-friendly prices.  

If you love to see the world from a bird’s eye view, you can go on a mountain trail or visit the Chamarel Waterfalls. You can also spend some time in the city and visit the Central Market, Aapravasi Ghat, the Citadel fort Adelaide, or enjoy the races at the Crown Lodge Mauritius. You can tour the Ebony Forest reserve if you're a wildlife lover. Or visit any of the museums to learn more about Mauritian culture and ancient history. 

Mauritius is an ideal tourist destination with many budget-friendly places to visit and explore. You can click HERE to learn more about visiting Mauritius; food, accommodation, and flight expenses.


2. Morocco

Morocco is an affordable tourist destination with lots of architectural wonders. Their diverse culture makes it even more appealing for tourists who love to blend with the locals.  The tourist attractions in Morocco include their food, ancient monuments and buildings, beautiful landscape, and colorful markets. 

If you are a history buff, you can visit the Bab al-Mansour in Meknes, Volubilis, or the famous mosques of Morocco, such as the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, the Great Mosque of Fez, or the Royal Mosque of Marrakesh. For nature lovers, you can visit the Rif mountains, Dades Gorges, or Chefchaouen.

You can also take advantage of Moroccan dishes like the Rfissa, Tajine Hout, Couscous, Djaj Mhemer, etc., Or the yummy Moroccan pancakes. The Moroccan markets in Fez, Marrakech, and Casablanca also have assorted and colorful handmade crafts, footwear, and fabrics for souvenirs. Rumour has it that Moroccan ouds and perfumes are made from natural sources and smell like heaven. You sure don’t want to miss out on them. 

And the best part? Accommodation, food, tourist attractions, and Morrocco souvenirs are relatively affordable. You can enjoy a fun experience and create beautiful memories without breaking the bank. 

3. Kenya

Although the cost of living in Kenya is relatively higher than in most other African countries. The country has many budget-friendly tourist attractions to keep you entertained. You can visit the safari parks of Kenya to explore the wildlife in their natural habitat.


 If you are an adventure seeker, you can go on a mountain trail or hike the different mountains in Kenya. If you want something cool and fun to watch, Lake Naivasha also offers exciting white water rafting for water sports enthusiasts. If you're visiting between November and April, then you'll definitely want to watch the various bird breeds at Lake Nakuru National Park. 


You can also visit the Masai Mara National Park for a wildlife safari or go to Mombasa for beach fun.  For nature lovers, the Kenyan Rift Valley Lakes  have an abundance of nature's essence to keep you thrilled.  Kenya is a fantastic travel destination, and one of the most exciting African countries to visit. With a little bit of planning and budgeting, you will get to enjoy this historic and exciting country without breaking the bank. 


4. Egypt

Egypt is one of the cheapest African countries and a perfect destination for ancient history lovers. This country is famous for its pyramids, mummies, Sphinx, and the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is one of the best-preserved ancient civilizations in the world. You can visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to see the famous artifacts of ancient Egypt. 

You can also go on a guided tour or visit the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, where you can see the tombs of Egyptian kings. If you are interested in history, then you can visit the Alexandria Library in Alexandria, the Assyut Museum in Aswan, or the Coptic Museum in Cairo. If you love sea-diving, the Red Sea has an abundance of beautiful sea plants and anals to catch your sight.   You can also visit the ancient ruins at Saqqara, or hike through the White Dessert.  

Ideally,  you're expected to visit most places in Egypt with a guide tour, which can be somewhat expensive. Especially if you're travelling on a tight budget.  However, there are other adventurous places to catch the breathtaking sights in Egypt without having to book a tourist guide.  Check HERE for more budget-friendly tips on how to tour Egypt. 


5. Malawi: cheapest country for wildlife

Malawi has gradually evolved to a thriving tourist destination in Africa because of its wildlife and safaris. The locals are also warm and welcoming to foreigners and tourists from all over the world. Little wonder it's also called the 'Warm Heart of Africa'.  

Located in Southeast Africa with Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania as its neighbours, Malawi is blessed with various tourist attractions to serve a lifetime. From the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre to the Nature Sanctuary, down to the Kumbali Cultural Village, there's just so much to see, and at pocket-friendly prices too. 

Lake Malawi is an awesome place to enjoy the clear-beach feeling and a pleasing sight of wildlife. You can hike through the Nkhoma Mountain, or Mount Mulanje to enjoy the sight and sound of splattering water at Mulanje Waterfalls. You can also take a coffee tour to the Mzuzu farms, or visit the Old Town Mall for cheap and beautiful souvenirs. 



What about art lovers and book lovers? The Society of Malawi Library has a combination of great old and contemporary books and ancient carvings and paintings to thrill your eyes. You can also visit the ancient church of St Michael and All Angels  to fill in all the historic stories. For fruit lovers, the Lizulu market has abundant fruits, and at affordable prices to quench your thirst buds. 

Malawi is also pretty safe for foreigners. You can explore nature, wildlife and other historic places across the country without digging a hole in your pocket. 


6. Ghana

Last but not least is Ghana - a West African country with beautiful cultural heritages, sumptuous delicacies, and friendly people. 

Unlike the Africa you see on the news, the capital city Accra, is adorned with magnificent buildings, lovely landscapes, and a good road network. Ghana is blessed with several sandy beaches, beautiful sceneries, and affordable tourist attractions to soak you in the beauty of Africa. 

There are many tasty dishes to savor in Ghana - especially if you love spicy African dishes😃. And lots of fun places to explore as well. From the bustling Makola Market to the beautiful beaches like Kokrobrite, Bojo, Labadi Pleasure Beach, etc. If you would love an affordable Beach resort, the Laboma, La Palm Royal, Whitesand Beach Resorts, etc., have everything you need and lots more. 

There are also monumental and memorial buildings like the Skybar - Accra's tallest tower, the National Museum, the Osu Castle, Mole National Park, the Independence Arch Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, the FortMetal Cross, etc. You can also explore the more natural habitat of the Legon Botanical Gardens or the Kakum National Park with its rich rainforest and long canopy walkway. 

The country is known for its bustling nightlife with bars, clubs, and eateries for fun hangouts. Ghana is also relatively safe for travelers and foreigners.  Read HERE  to learn more about accommodation, food, and flight expenses while visiting Ghana. 



Expensive travel destinations are the norm. Most popular travel locations are expensive and may cost a fortune for backpackers and tight-budget travelers. However, being an African tourist does not mean you should dig a hole in your pocket.

There are many budget-friendly countries to visit in Africa that offer fun and exciting tourist attractions. The countries listed above are our top picks of affordable destinations in Africa. 


They offer affordable accommodation, food, and various beautiful sights to explore the continent and immerse yourself in the culture of Africa.  For starters, we created a fun list of budget-friendly tips to help you tour Africa without hassles. With these tips, you can create beautiful memories in any of these destinations without running into debt.