With the advancement of technology in the global eCommerce market, the need for cross-border money transfer has increased tremendously. Sending money across the globe has also become easier than ever.  


With modern and innovative fintech solutions, a lot of these remittance processes are now more seamless. Fintech players like Transfy, Flutterwave, Wise, Chippercash, etc., help you send and receive money across Africa without rigorous processes and exorbitant charges. These money transfer companies offer a secure, faster, and cheaper alternative to make international payments without having to use foreign exchange transfers. 


With that said, are you looking for the best app to send money in Africa? 


This article highlights our top 8 picks for best app to transfer money within Africa 2022. Including tips to consider before choosing a money remittance company to work with.  Let’s get started. 


8 Best Money Transfer Apps To Africa

There are lots of emerging Fintech startups that allow you to send and receive money transfers instantly, online, and across borders. However, we scored our top picks  based on their exchange rates, speed and reliability in transferring funds, ease of use, and customer satisfaction. 


The following African money transfer companies can help you send/receive money across Africa in your local currency; hassle-free. They include: 



Transfy is a fintech solution that provides cross-border transfer and money remittance services to individuals and businesses across Africa. Although there are lots of money transfer companies providing cross-border payments and money remittance services for users all over the world. However, that has not always been the case for inter-African transactions. 


The majority of the key players are more concerned with providing money transfer services for users to send money between Africa and the diaspora, than for transactions between most African countries. To solve this problem, Transfy is one of the cheapest ways to send money to Africa. The platform offers a seamless and easy-to-use platform that enables its users to send, receive and exchange money across African countries and local currencies. 


Below are the features and benefits you can enjoy with Transfy:

  • Send and receive money from Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Cameroun, Rwanda, Kenya, and Nigeria. 
  • Exchange local African currencies such as GHC, KES, XAF, RWF, NGN, UGX, ZAR, etc., with Transfy’s multi-currency wallet
  • Bank-level encryption and multi-factor authentication to safeguard your funds and details.
  • Anti-fraud protection.
  • Hold multiple African currencies and liquidate at any time of your choice. 
  • Bulk payment options for hassle-free payments to employees, freelancers and Expats across Africa.
  • Pay business partners, ecommerce store owners, or freelancers in any of the supported currencies. 
  • Developer API that offers payout options for software products using a single line of code. 



Remitly offers a cross-border payment platform to help businesses, friends, and families to send money to their business partners, employees, and loved ones, easily and instantly across the globe. The solution offers a mobile and desktop app that lets you do the following:


  • Send money to over 115 countries across the globe.
  • Multiple payment options for senders and receivers.
  • Enjoy fast, safe and secure transfers. 
  • competitive rates for senders and zero fees for receivers. 
  • Anti-fraud protection and multi-level security.
  • Access to real-time tracking for your money. 
  • Enjoy special offers for your first transfer. 



Azimo is a global money transfer company that allows customers to send money quickly, easily and at a low cost using their mobiles, tablets, or computers. The platform offers a user-friendly app that allows you to enjoy the following services:


  • send money from 25 European countries, Australia, Canada, and Hong Kong to over 190 countries.
  • Send US Dollars to any bank account in Africa or cash pick-up locations.
  • Send money to MTN MoMo agents, M-Pesa, Hellocash, and other mobile wallets.
  • One-hour maximum transaction speed on transfers to over 8o countries. 
  • Pay international invoices in 180+ countries and 60+ currencies with the Azimo Business option.
  • Pay overseas partners and employees. 



Eversend is a cross-border money remittance platform that allows users to send money to friends and family in other countries. With Eversend, users can easily and quickly send money to any country in the world without the hassle of dealing with banks or other financial institutions. 


With Eversend you can:

  • Send Money to friends and family across Africa
  • Make purchases with your virtual visa card
  • Exchange currencies like USD, NGN, UGX, KES, TZS, RWF, and GHC with the multicurrency wallet
  • Buy airtime
  • Receive payments and make donations to your favorite charity channels.


Barter By Flutterwave

Barter by Flutterwave is a new way to trade goods and services using Africa's favorite payments platform. The solution allows businesses to easily send and receive payments for goods and services without having to worry about foreign exchange rates or bank charges. And since it's built on the Flutterwave platform, businesses can rest assured that their payments are secure and compliant with Africa's tough financial regulations. 


With Barter by Flutterwave you can:

- Send payments to businesses and individuals in over 100 countries around the world

- Pay in any currency, and receive payments in your local currency

- Enjoy competitive exchange rates and no fees or commissions on transactions


Rapid Transfer

If you are an Ecobank customer; then you should be familiar with Rapid Transfer - Their cross-border payment solution. Rapid Transfer offers a fast, easy, and low-cost way to transfer money across all the 33 African countries where Ecobank is present. 


The solution provides an intuitive user interface that lets you make transfers, pay bills and easily send money to other Ecobank and non-Ecobank users across Africa. You can also send, receive and withdraw your money through any of the supported mobile money agents, cash points available in your country. 




Formerly known as Transferwise, Wise is a global fintech solution that provides a convenient and secure means for cross-border money transfer across different countries and currencies. Wise boasts of over 10 million users which include organizations, immigrants, freelancers, and travelers in 170+ countries.


Wise offers the following features and benefits:

  • Cheaper money transfers to over 80 countries across the globe
  • 50% of their transactions are sent instantly or within a one-hour max wait time 
  • 2-factor authentication for more secured transactions
  • Internationally accepted debit cards for ease of payments
  • Spend or withdraw cash at competitive rates in over 200 countries. 
  • Hold, convert and save in multiple currencies.
  • Get paid from anywhere with real account details on the WISE platform. 
  • Pay overseas invoices and bills, connect to major eCommerce stores worldwide. invoices.



Chipper Cash is a revolutionary cross-border payment app to easily send money to Africa and the diaspora. The platform allows you to send and receive money from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, USA, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, and the UK.


What can you do with Chipper Cash?

  • Send and receive money at low cost with multiple payment options. 
  • Enjoy discounts and cash backs on data bundles and airtime recharge.
  • Instant bill payments and online shopping made-easy. 
  • Earn bonuses when you refer friends and family. 


Overall, these money transfer companies leverage technology to provide fast, efficient, and secure money transfers in different countries and currencies across Africa and the globe.


On the other hand, Choosing the best money remittance platform can be a daunting task, as there are numerous money remittance companies with similar or slightly different offerings. 


Nonetheless, the following tips can serve as a guide to help you in making the best choice of a cross-border fintech solution.



Tips to Consider Before Choosing A Crossborder Platform 

Here are some of the factors you should consider before choosing a cross-border payment provider, to ensure that your transfer is as cost-effective and stress-free as possible.


1. Look Out for Regulated and Licensed Companies

The money transfer company must be regulated and licensed. This will give you an assurance that they are authorized to carry out such transactions


2. Compare exchange rates and fees

Most money transfer companies charge low transaction fees while others don’t. So it’s important to read the fine prints to lear their transaction charges and exchange rates between currencies before choosing a service provider.


3. Choose a company with a good reputation

Just because a company is popular doesn't mean it is the best. Be sure to compare different companies, check their offers, and select the one that meets your needs and interests. To avoid getting scammed, it’s important to work with a company that has been around for a while and has a solid reputation. You may also want to read reviews online before committing to a service provider as this will give you an idea of what others have experienced when using their services. 


4. Consider the payment options. 

Not all money transfer companies offer the same payment options so check which ones suit your needs (e.g., bank deposits, cash pickups, mobile wallets). Most of the Fintech solutions we listed above provide multiple payment options to aid ease of access for both senders and receivers.


5. Transaction Speed

There are tons of money transfer options available online, but they may have varying transaction speed. It’s best to choose a platform that provides instant transfers or withdrawals, depending on the urgency of your payment services. 


6. Security. Security. Security

Notice how much we emphasized this point? It is because the safety and security of your money and details should be your top priority. So, to be on the safer side, always look out for platforms that offer highly secure data encryption and multi-level authentication. This will help to minimize risks of fraud, theft, or impersonation. 


Send Money Without Borders

Transferring money from one country to another can be a daunting task. You have to worry about security risks, transfer charges, transaction speed, fluctuating rates of the currencies you are sending or receiving. However, these concerns can be tackled if you work with the best options out there. 


For individuals and businesses looking for inter-African cross-border payments services, Transfy is one of the best options for seamless money remittance across Africa.  Transfy offers a convenient, transparent, modern, and simple method of sending and receiving money in their local currencies across African countries.