Cross-border Payment Infrastructure for Africa


Why Transfy for Business ?

Transfy for business is a frictionless platform, which businesses can use to move money across Africa and out of Africa. Our over the counter FX platform is tailor-made for African businesses to pay invoices across the globe, pay remote employees and also do inter-company transfers at cost-effective rates, which beats the traditional banking industry. We are on a mission to enable African businesses to take part in the global business environment. We offer bank beating rates, and besides, we make settlements on a near-instant basis.


We beat the banks, not just on rates, but also at the speed with which we move your money. Our settlements are always on a near instant basis. Your partners do not have to wait for days to get the money in this era.

Competitive rates

We offer bank-beating rates. On a daily basis, we monitor the rates that are offered by our competition to ensure that ours is the best.

No limits

We do not impose any limits on the amount that you send. We got you covered regardless of the amount that you would like to send.


We have a dedicated team for business clients. This is to ensure that your concerns are responded to in a timely manner.

What you can do with Transfy For Business

We are on a mission to make it easier for localĀ  African businesses to take part in the global business environment by allowing them to pay and get paid overseas. We are better than banks due to a number of reasons:

Pay suppliers anywhere across the globe

We make it easy for you to do business. Pay your suppliers in the currency that they want to be paid in while at the same time saving on costs.

Pay remote employees

The future of work is remote. Do you have employees working on different continents? We can help you to pay them in their local currencies conveniently and cost-effectively.

Inter Company Transfers

We enable businesses to send money easily to their subsidiaries. We know that your subsidiaries could be in need of working capital among others. We, therefore, come in to make the process seamless, cost-effective and faster.