Transfy, an African Fintech Startup facilitating seamless cross-border payments and money remittance services, has launched an innovative mass payout solution for IMTOs across the globe. 

Transfy is on a mission to financially connect individuals and businesses across the globe. We strive to change the status quo in the traditional financial system, which is inefficient, costly, complicated, marred with hidden fees, and characterized by lots of paperwork. 

Transfy for IMTOS is an innovative solution that will help various international money transfer operators (IMTOS) and money transmitters facilitate transactions in various African markets. This solution will help international businesses and IMTOs across the US, and the UK, to easily send mass payments to African countries without the hassles.

Transfy offers bulk payment and remittance APIs which IMTOs can use to expand their footprints into various countries with just a single integration.

Our robust infrastructure eliminates the friction existing in the conventional channels of moving money, thus making cross-border payments simple, cost-effective, and efficient.

Transfy’s mass payout solution is a hassle-free and low-cost platform that will allow international businesses to make bulk payments to African countries on our rail, including Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, Uganda, Benin, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Ghana. 


Why Choose Transfy Mass Payout?

We Are Compliant

Transfy is licensed in Canada and partners with other regulated entities to facilitate seamless cross-border payments and money remittance services in all the countries in which we operate.

Industry-Best Rates

Our rates are 10% better than the competition. We offer competitive rates and low-cost charges to help you save more on international transfers. 

Highly Secure And Trusted Platform

Transfy offers a highly secure payments platform with bank-level encryption to ensure your funds are safe at all times. Our platform also offers multi-level authentication methods for additional security of your funds and personal details.  

Speed Of Delivery

Business should move at the speed of light, and so should your payments. We are on a mission to challenge the traditional financial system, which takes days to deliver your money. Hence, Transfy provides a payment system with near-instant settlements for all your international bulk transactions. 

Extensive Network

Transfy has an extensive network to help you expand your digital footprint in every corner of Africa - from East, West, South, and Central Africa. Our payout APIs expose you to 30% of Africa's bank accounts and mobile wallets.

Transparency in Pricing

We take pride in our transparent pricing system and zero hidden fees, making sure that our customers are fully aware of the terms of each transaction. Plus, Transfy's payout dashboard lets you track your payments, so you'll always have total control over your funds.


Our services are available 24/7. You can therefore send money whenever you wish. You can conveniently reach out to our customer support team if you need assistance.

Single Contract and API

Transfy offers a robust payment API that allows you to access the bulk payment solution for over 10 African Countries. Plus, you only have to sign a single service level agreement to enjoy all of Transfy's mass payout packages. 


Transfy Mass Payout FAQs

What is Transfy

Transfy is a fast-growing Fintech startup that aims to connect individuals and businesses across Africa and the world; financially. Transfy provides a fast and efficient financial infrastructure that enables them to seamlessly and securely send money within and out of Africa at industry-best rates. 


What is a Transfy Mass Payout Account?

The Transfy Mass Payout Account provides a cross-border payments solution to international companies and IMTOs, allowing them to make payments to large numbers of beneficiaries in various African countries, including Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, Uganda, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Ghana. 

What Payment Methods Are Available?

Payments are made through bank accounts and mobile money accounts. 


Recipients can also get their monies in any of their preferred payment methods like local bank accounts and mobile money accounts available in their location (eg MTN, MPESA, Airtel Money, Vodafone, E-Money, Free Money, 

How Does Transfy Mass Payout Work?

Your transactions are reconciled in your local currency while the recipients receive the money equivalents in their local African currencies. You can make mass payments to any recipient using the following steps:

Step 1: Send an email to to get onboard our Mass Payouts Platform and access our bulk payout and remittance APIs.

Step 2: Fund your Mass Payout Account. 

Step 3: Pay your Payee


Who Uses The Transfy Mass Payout Solution? 

International Companies and IMTOs who need to make bulk payments to African countries. A few examples include;


1. International companies who work with remote workers, freelancers, Expats, partners, or subsidiaries in Africa.


2. Tourism companies like travel agencies and airlines that work with agents, hostesses, pilots, etc., across Africa.


3. International Money Transfer Organisations that need payout options to facilitate money transfers in Africa. 


How Secure Is Transfy Mass Payout Solution?

Transfy employs bank-level encryption and hi-tech security to secure your funds and personal details. Transfy allows you to enable multi-factor authentication features to prevent fraud and identity theft. 


Does Transfy Mass Payout Account Offer International Payment?

Yes. Transfy offers international mass payouts for IMTOs and Companies who wish to send bulk payments to any of our supported African countries. 


What is the Maximum Limit For Each Mass Payout?

Please check the table below to view the transaction limits for each country.


Transfy Mass Payout Maximum Limit


What Are The Charges for Each Transaction?

Please view our transaction charges for each country in the table below


Transfy Mass Payout Transaction Charges


How Do I Get Started With Transfy Mass Payout Solution?

To register for the Transfy mass payout solution, please send an email to